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The Creative Learning School 



"An educational center where learning is developed through creative and dynamic teaching strategies."

The Creative Learning School is a private school in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. Its student body ranges from kindergarten to 7th grade and has 128 students. This school, like many in Puerto Rico, faces extreme hardships. Even with some of the lowest admission costs and monthly fees, a large percentage of the students are given a reduced rate with scholarships. This is because the school believes in supporting the children’s education above all else.

These ongoing circumstances and lack of robust funding from external support have left the School vulnerable. The teachers of the school find themselves paying out of pocket for everyday supplies, and taking second jobs to maintain their income. The school lacks a library, and many of the bathrooms and appliances are out of service.


In 2019, Bejuco teamed up with local muralist Javi Cintron and non-profit Crossing Thresholds to create a library and multiples murals. Highlighting local talent and connecting the students into a network of artists. 


But this is the beginning. Bejuco will be hiring local contractors to assist in the rebuild of bathrooms and classrooms in the school. 

Bejuco will also be working with a network of teachers from the United States interested in volunteering and exchanging lesson plans, as well as coming to perform them. 

In 2021 Bejuco will launch an Eco-School Program, in which the school will be paired with a local composting service, compost garden and field trips to the community garden at Centro Zen de Puerto Rico. 

If you are an educator, activist or interested in sharing your skills with the Creative Learning School contact us. 


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