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- Pursue Goal-driven Connections

- Provide Financial Transparency

- Advocate Honestly 

- Work while understanding Cultural Relativism

- Highlight existing Local Power and provide opportunity

- Facilitate Equality among local and global staff

- Invest in resources that promote true Sustainability


Rowan St Clair

Rowan has spent her time traveling and understanding human connection. Her passion and pursuits revolve around humanitarian advocacy and the environment. Relaying past experience with start ups and non profits, Rowan serves as a Board Member and founder.

david irish 2.jpg

David Irish

David was raised on a family farm in Upstate New York.  He joins us from the business intelligence community where he has worked with farmers to retailers to solve his clients challenges.  He currently serves as a Board member and founder.


Lee Hennigan

Lee works in the coordination of construction projects. He has been a carpenter in more than six states in North America. His work has pushed him to travel and constantly adapt to his materials and environment. His humanitarian aid work naturally formed as he traveled and began working with his head, heart and hands.Lee serves on the Board and founder.

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