Centro Zen de Puerto Rico

Devastated by Hurricane Maria, the Center's 4 properties and 15 acres of the lush jungle were quickly disappearing. This once internationally known Meditation Center was overcome with loss, with no recovery in sight. 

Bejuco's Team worked quickly identifying the greatest needs of the center: local attention and funds. Working to rebuild the dormitory was the first step to getting the Center off its feet again. Doing so allowed the Center to again host groups interested in all things mindfulness.


Tirelessly reaching out to local yoga teachers, educators and artists Bejuco began to schedule and book events for the center, raising awareness and inspiring the community.   

As the center's reputation grew, Bejuco again focused outwards but this time looking towards other nonprofits. Scanning for ones with common goals, those interested in education, and the environment.

The Center soon found itself with honey bee hives (The Karma Honey Bee Project), 65 native and fruiting trees (Para la Naturaleza) and enough funds to launch a tea garden, and community garden.


Finding momentum, Bejuco looked further, teaming up with Crossing Thresholds, a nonprofit interested in education and volunteer power. 


Together, the non-profits hosted international volunteers and lead trips that focused on expanding the Center's educational impact. Networking with local schools, the non profit duo launched a plan for a community library at Center.  

This library will host after school programs from a handful of local schools as well as serve as an educational stop for the Karma Honey Bee Project's Islandwide educational honeybee tours.

Read below for more on what's next for Centro Zen de Puerto Rico. 


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Community Library 

Help us build the community Library, and create a resource for hundreds of children. 




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